Total area 5 karnal aprox
1st Phase
“Unveil the extraordinary potential of this exceptional hotel for sale. With a total of 19 meticulously designed rooms, a welcoming reception, and a vibrant cafeteria, this property sets the stage for a unique hospitality venture. The duplex club, spanning two impressive floors, accommodates up to 500 guests, creating a versatile space for events and gatherings. The convenience of two elevators ensures accessibility for all. The guest terrace restaurant, featuring both indoor and outdoor seating along with a live kitchen, offers a dynamic culinary experience. Seize the opportunity to own this hospitality gem, where luxury and versatility converge to create an unforgettable destination.”

2nd Phase
“Phase two of our extraordinary hotel project unfolds with the addition of 8 premium rooms, providing an elevated experience for discerning guests. Introducing a dedicated business office space, this expansion caters to both leisure and corporate travelers. A second reception area ensures a seamless welcome, while a main lift enhances accessibility. A substantial store room complements the practical needs of the establishment. Explore the endless possibilities of this evolving hospitality haven, where thoughtful expansion meets the demands of modern travelers and businesses alike.”
3rd Phase
“Discover quick parking convenience, prime corner positioning, and a conference facility designed for community gatherings, accommodating up to 50 people. The 18 premium rooms offer a blend of luxury and comfort, while a 2-room penthouse adds an exclusive touch. Enjoy the flexibility of two indoor spaces in the penthouse. This meticulously planned hotel ensures a seamless blend of accessibility, comfort, and versatility for both guests and events.”
Property includes swimming pool on the Terrace Top, Gym, Sona and Spa,Big Jacuzzi, Multiple Cusine Terrace top Restaurant with the Capacity of 500 people cover and Bowling Alley in the Future if the property gets the permission of one Additional extra Floor.